Senior Data Scientist to Ericsson

Stockholm Headhunting has been commissioned to find a Senior Data Engineer to Ericsson. Here you will enroll with the data science team behind the Global AI Accelerator, creating the future Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions for the 5G-net as it deploys to ensure connectivity and mobile traffic for more than 40% of the world.

GAIA and the smart future of telecom
The Global AI Accelerator is an international department initiated by Ericsson to act as gamechanger in the way we perceive mobile traffic. With the deployment of the new 5G net, it will be practically impossible for the human brain to understand how to run and optimize this next level of a network. It demands Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to be handled and fully utilized. Hence the aim of GAIA is to fast-track the strategy and adoption of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence within all the different product fields of the Ericsson portfolio ( to let these technologies permeate the next generation of digital connectivity all over the globe.

As of today, the team is made up of 300 experts within data science and data engineering, located in the US, Sweden, and India. The team works closely with domain experts, researchers, product managers in all areas of Ericsson to solve some of the most challenging problems in the areas in the telecom domain touching the lives of billions of people.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence at Ericsson
As Senior Data Scientist at the GAIA team, you will be conducting functional and technical analysis of available Big Data to contribute to the development of high-quality AI/ML-driven applications to further evolve the most intricate mobile network in the modern day, Ericsson 5G. To your help, you will access petabytes of data from high-end networks, IoT and exogenous data to test, select and propose predictive models, recommendation engines, anomaly detection systems, and statistical models. But also decide upon different deep learning, reinforcement learning, and other machine learning systems to further enhance and bolster all the elements of the Ericsson business portfolio.

Who we think you are
To be a contributing player in this team of experts you probably have an academic degree in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Mathematics, Physics or another related field followed by around 5 years of relevant working experience in Data Science.

You are well versed with different Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning techniques like Linear/Logistical Regression, Bagging, Bayesian models, Neural Networks, Random forest, etc. You also have relevant experience in working with Machine Learning frameworks/tools like Keras, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, H2o or Spark in developing AI/ML-applications. Further, you have experience in programming languages like Python, Scala, R, C++ or Java. Besides technical skills, you are a driven teamplayer with a strong analytical mindset and ability to freely think critically and creatively.

Apply here
Does this sound like your next step? Apply through the link below as soon as possible as selection takes place continously. If you have any questions about GAIA or the role, do not hesitate to contact Martin Selin at or at +46 (0)709 39 24 00.