Backend Engineer to Fishbrain

Stockholm Headhunting has been commissioned to find a Backend Engineer to Fishbrain, the world largest social platform for people who love fishing. It’s the most popular hobby in the world and Fishbrains ambition is to revolutionize the way anglers connect, find fishing spots, and log catches with help from over 7 million unique registered users.


Fishbrain is an online logging, photo-sharing and social networking service that enables the users to record data about and take pictures of catches, and share them either publicly or privately on the social networking platforms. Fishbrain is the foursquare of fishing with a unique knowledge collection of fishing spots and catches connected to them.

With people all over the world frequently using the platform, Fishbrain has grown huge overseas and has its largest user group in the Unites States. With 200 million people sport fishing around the world, they are connecting anglers to make fishing dreams come true, today and tomorrow.

Fishbrain anglers have logged over 5 million catches. And on any given day, Fishbrain lets you choose from over 1.7 million fishing locations worldwide. With all the new fishing information that keeps rolling in from the anglers and the engineers crunch the numbers to make the world’s best data-driven fishing recommendations.

As a company Fishbrain value diversity and some of them are anglers and some of them are parents. Fishbrain is passionate about the outdoors, conservation and sustainability. They have an open work culture and have core values that they think about every week in a mindful away. The Stockholm office is a cubicle-free, well-lit place where teamwork is fluid and ongoing and have 19 nationalities at the office. There’s also consistently excellent coffee brewing throughout the day.

About the role

As backend engineer at Fishbrain you will be part of a cross functional engineering team responsible for the new development of the platform and shipping new features. The team moves fast and pays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality of the backend systems that power Fishbrain Android and iOS apps. 

The role includes design, build and deploy highly scalable software system (including microservices) written in Ruby on Rails and Golang using TDD in an continuous delivery environment.

Fishbrain is looking for

Strong engineering fundamentals, including data structures, design patterns, and complexity analysis. Someone who is fluent in an Object oriented programming language, such as Ruby, Go, Rust, Python, Elixir or similar (Ruby strongly preferred).

Previous experience with RDBMS as well as NoSQL databases, operating system internals, networking, and file systems are considered advantageous.

It’s considered meritorious if you have done product based work before. E.g app development.

You need to be driven and be passionate about tech, with an open personality and the ability to think critically and creatively. You need to have good understanding for the teams dynamic and be comfortable working in a well diverse team with people from all over the world.


Do you want to be part of Fishbrain? Please apply through our website as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the company or position, do not hesitate to contact Martin Selin at +46 70 939 24 00 or

Keywords: Ruby, Golang, Rust, Elixir, tensorflow, microservices, backend, docker, machine learning