Data Engineer to SVT

Are you the next person to fill the position at SVT as a Data Engineer?

Long story short
SVT is the national public service television company. Their aim is to create content that engages, entertains and enriches – all in the service of the public. Therefore they strive to always be everywhere; online and on air, on all platforms.

SVT Production & Technology develop and maintain the backbone of their digital product portfolio. Currently they have two teams working with data, responsible for the entire data infrastructure, from collection to analysis.

In total SVT P&T along with SVT Interactive, the digital section of SVT, has some 180 employees with a great mix of people. SVT love that they all are from different cultural backgrounds with different personalities and interests. SVT can offer you a workplace where the focus lies on learning while taking great care of each other, ensuring that you are successful together.

The details
SVT P&T is in the process of building their own platform for collecting and analysing user data from their online product catalogue. SVT’s products are used by millions of people every month. In order to offer relevant and engaging products and content, there is a need to make informed decisions on both an operative and strategic level. Being in the service of the public means that they need to do this in a way that does not violate the integrity of our users.

They build their services with modern technologies and in modern ways. They enjoy to work with the product teams in measurable and experimentally driven ways. This means that they are flexible to work in different constellations when needed, often involving team members from the product side, sometimes in mob or pair programming sessions.

The missing link
You think that what the team do and how they work sounds interesting. You are curious, unpretentious and enjoy solving problems involving large sets of data. They believe that you have previous professional experience as, or similar to, a Data Engineer. You think it will be awesome to be part of a small team where they value discussions, having fun and delivering the right products. All of this while being part of shaping how SVT will handle and work with online user data.

A couple of things that would be helpful: 

  • you are familiar with Golang and Scala, it is not a requirement but would be a plus.
  • you are comfortable working with loosely defined requirements

If you have any questions about SVT, the position or want to apply, then please contact Daniel de Boer by mail: or +46 (0)73 – 649 07 60.