On Site

We can do more on site

On site with you we can do more in less time. We will become a part of your team and can then quickly give factual help and suggestions on the best practices regarding all parts of recruiting.

Help in all parts of modern recruitment

We can help you with everything from finding candidates to building a cutting edge recruiting function from the ground up, and everything in between. Everybody at On Site has worked with us in-house so that we can ensure that you will have the best recruitment consultants the market has to offer.

Fast help where you need it

We are able to quickly understand your needs and then prioritize our actions effectively. All of our On Site-consultants are used to rolling up their sleeves and helping out where it is needed, regardless if it is searching for candidates here and now or more comprehensive and overarching changes.

Finding your strengths as an employer

We find the core of what makes you unique as an employer, that which creates a common thread and shapes a competitive Employer Brand. We then help you communicate this through for e.g. your career site, internal campaigns, social media, by designing a job listing and much more.

Tailored recruiting process

By pairing simple tips with our rich experience of the industry we are able to provide you with the right conditions to create an influx of interesting candidates. Together we will optimize the candidate experience from first contact to onboarding.

Implementing modern tools

Because we have been working with the industry’s leading modern companies for many years we can advise you on, and help you implement, effective tools, models and goals which can support you on a daily basis.

Long-term strategy

On the basis of your long-term operation goals we identify what skills needs you have. We create the right strategies so that the recruiting is effective, smooth, profitable – and fits you.

Recruitment events

We will help you create interesting events to attract suitable candidates. We deal with invitations, follow up and all administration so that you can get the most out of each event.

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