Recruiting on your own, with our data

Our digital service Network is an affordable solution if you want to come in contact with candidates quickly and don’t mind taking on part of the work yourself.

Full control of recruitment

Network is our “light” version of headhunting. By doing part of the job on your own you will have more control of the recruiting while significantly reducing the price. You will avoid unnecessary administration as well as contact with candidates that aren’t of interest.

Getting started is easy

We create a list with relevant candidates for the position in question. Within a maximum of 10 days you will have candidates to work with, and most often quicker than that. All candidates are presented with public contact information and some form of CV through our web interface.

Tips and support when in contact with candidates

We want your contact with the candidates to run as smooth possible, which is why we give you suggestions on what to emphasize and what is considered “clichés” in the industry. We help you with frequently asked question and make sure you give a professional first impression.

You recruit with our data

Network is based on the same thorough search as our headhunting process. This means that the candidates here are held to the same high standard as the ones we work with in person.

Carefully selected candidates

Our experienced researchers have handpicked all the candidates on Network. For every new case we conduct a unique search and supply contact information for the candidates we believe in.

Updated data

Stockholm Headhunting has recently been in contact with the majority of the candidates on Network. This gives our system a significantly higher accuracy rate compared to public networks.

Complete contact information

You will have access to all the public information we have on our candidates, compiled in one place. Network will remove incomplete profiles to ensure that you only pay for complete information.

User friendly

Network is easy to use and will only take you a few seconds to get started. The straightforward design enables you to quickly search and sort among candidates. Network will give you a good overview and reduce the risk of missing interesting candidates.

Support and tips

In Network there are concrete tips tailored to you. There is a “do’s and don’ts” section as well as information on ways to get started and customize your contact with candidates. You will also have your own contact person in case any questions arise or if you need inspiration.


You contact all candidates and conduct the interviews on your own, this means that we can provide you with candidates for the unrivaled price of 30 000 SEK. Moreover, you will pay the same low price regardless of how many candidates you hire with Network.

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