Managers and specialists in tech

Recruiting in the tech industry differs from other industries. Stockholm Headhunting focuses on headhunting where the technical challenge is an important aspect of what the client offers.

Headhunting according to Stockholm Headhunting

After many years in the industry we have identified a few key factors which separates us from other companies and help us provide quality services. Every time.

Dedicated team

At the startup, every project is assigned with a specific team of researchers and recruiters. Working together creates results faster, higher quality, as well as, more time for our recruiters to keep clients updated and in the loop.


When we have established the requirements of what you are looking for we also set up a clear timetable which indicates when you can expect certain steps of the process to be finalized. This allows you to follow our work as it progresses and enables us to utilize the time that the project needs.

Contact with the candidates

All contact with the candidates is first done by phone and then with an in person interview at our offices. This gives us an opportunity to listen, explain and then match relevant candidates with the clients job offer.

Long standing experience in the tech industry

Since we have been an active part of the Swedish tech world for a long time we stay updated on where the talented people are, where they are going and what their ambitions are. With this knowledge we can also help you put together attractive job offers that focus on more than just salary.

Long standing experience in headhunting

We know from experience that we have to work closely with our clients to succeed. Beyond finding candidates we will support you with administration, coaching and quality assurance of your own processes. All this is in place to create the best possible experience for the candidates and for you.

Always updated

Through our clients and candidates we make sure to constantly stay updated on what is going on in the tech world. Further, we have close collaborations with the leading suppliers of various recruitment systems (and other systems) so we can recommend the latest in modern recruiting.

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